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Country Profile

Profile information and status
Country Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Date of signature 2001-04-23
Date of ratification 2003-11-20
Date of entry into force 2004-02-18
Profile revision -
Profile status Published
Profile last updated on -

Type of document Number of records Date of last update
3 2019-09-29
1 2014-11-11
3 2018-12-18
50 2019-09-28
7 2018-01-22
1 2009-03-03
1 2018-01-04
4 2015-06-24
Report on Assignment 0 -
51 2019-09-28
3 2015-11-04
  Total number of records 124  

A zero value is provided in the column 'Number of records' because this information does not exist.

Regarding the category 'Decision on LMO for FFP under Article 11', there are some unofficial reports about importing some GM products into the country but no official document has been reported to the BCH. That is because the  National biosafety law to force them to do that has not been approved yet. A draft has been developed and is under assessment.

Regarding the category 'Risk Assessment', one case (at field trial scale) is present but has not been reported officially. 

Source: Correspondence to the Secretariat from Ms. Nasrin S. Esmailzadeh, BCH National Focal Point for Iran (Islamic Republic of) (20 December 2006).

Link to this country's profile under the FAO GM Foods Platform: http://www.fao.org/food/food-safety-quality/gm-foods-platform/browse-information-by/country/country-page/en/?cty=IRN