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Strategies and Approaches for Integrating Biosafety into Development Planning, Financing and Implementation Processes [#930]
Yves Robert Personna, M.Sc., Haiti

The integration of biosafety into development planning, financing and implementation processes should be seen as a step towards environmental mainstreaming, which involves understanding poverty-environmental linkages in order to address them in a properly manner. In term of approach, I think it is of utmost importance to understand the major challenges at national level and identify the key factors to be considered in order to consistently reconcile biosafety issues and economic development planning in a context of reducing poverty and promoting growth.

The first step of this approach would be to define at national level the priority and objectives with regard to biosafety. Many countries have already developed a biosafety framework which includes a policy, a regulatory and administrative system as well as mechanisms for public participation and involvement. Countries that have not developed a biosafety framework may take actions to achieve it.

The second step would be to develop effective capacity in terms of biosafety (institutions and human resources) to ensure that biosafety issues are taken into account in the economic development planning processes. In fact, if there are competent human resources, suitable institutions and adequate infrastructures to address biosafety issues at national level, it is likely to influence its integration in the development planning, financing and implementation processes.
Finally, I think the development of public sector investment and public-private partnership in biotechnology research and application at national level would be an asset for this integration. In so doing, many key economic stakeholders can develop a better understanding as well as a solid commitment to biosafety issues.

I would be delighted to see others react on this issue.
posted on 2009-02-09 19:39 UTC by Dr. Yves-Robert Personna, Haiti
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