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Current Activities 2016-2018

In their decision BS-VIII/16, the COP-MOP took note of the of the draft training manual on the detection and identification of living modified organisms that was developed in response to the outcomes of the face-to-face workshop of the Network that requested the drafting of training material for capacity-building activities on the detection and identification on LMOs to assist countries in fulfilling their relevant obligations under the Protocol and achieving the outcomes of the Strategic Plan that are relevant to the detection and identification of LMOs.

Moreover, the Parties also requested the Executive Secretary to continue working on the draft training manual, in an expeditious manner, in collaboration with the Network of Laboratories for the Detection and Identification of Living Modified Organisms, and make a draft version available, in all official languages, for consideration by the Conference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Cartagena Protocol at its ninth meeting with a view to its possible approval before its official final publication.

Furthermore, the Parties also requested the Executive Secretary to continue convening, in cooperation with relevant organizations, subject to the availability of resources, regional and subregional capacity-building activities, such as online training and face-to-face workshops in the fields of sampling, detection and identification of living modified organisms with specific emphasis on the topics of (i) sampling at the border, including training, (ii) establishment and maintenance of quality assurance and quality control systems, (iii) interpretation of the results of living modified organism analysis reports, (iv) environmental sampling, (v) developing reference materials, (vi) validation procedures, and (vii) measurement of uncertainty.

In light of these requests, a tentative calendar of activities outlining a way forward for the implementation of the elements of the COP-MOP decision will be available to the Network in due course.

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