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Strategic Plan [#1591]
The last version of the proposed Strategic Plan has several positive elements, nevertheless some parts need to be restructured-reformulated.
Positive elements:
Arragement in the form of a Table
Vision and Mission - briefly and clearly defined
Comments to other parts:
Strategic Objectives - positive: restricted number - most important objectives, in some cases formulation can be improved
Expected Impacts - generally well defined, only small changes recommended (deletion of some details, which are not necessary)
Operational Objectives - in some cases better structuring or formulation recommended (e.g. 1.5)
Outcomes - more logical arrangement and re-definition in some cases needed, as well as deletion of some not necessary details
Indicators - most problematic part which needs to be redrafted - restructured:
need to measure progress
existing indicators not clearly defined (expresions such as "numerous" etc.; instead existing expressions use: percentage of Parties/ number of Parties)
missing logistic in precisely given terms (e.g. national biosafety legislation by 2015 - on the other hand documents for which the existing legislation represents the prerequisite required in a shorter horizon - e.g. national communication strategy, mechanism for ensuring public participation in decision-making, capacity-building action plan)
some of existing indicators have more character of outcomes (reallocation to corresponding part)
to be fully functional, indicators in SP need to be in correlation with indicators used in other related documents.
General comments:
Due to the character of the document - as strategic one - to delete all details which are not necessary (explanations in sentences, examples in parenthesis, some adjectives)
On the principle of synergy, i tis recommended to use results of other conventions or specialized groups, in this case especially results of the 6th Coordination Meeting for Governments and Organizations Implementing and/or Funding Biosafety Capacity-building Activities and the 7th Meeting of Liaison Group on Capacity-building for Biosafety (February 2010, Cambodia).
Milena Roudna
posted on 2010-02-25 09:54 UTC by Ph.D. Milena Roudna, Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic
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