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Country Profile

Profile information and status
Country Eritrea
Date of signature -
Date of ratification 2005-03-10
Date of entry into force 2005-06-08
Profile revision -
Profile status Published
Profile last updated on -

Type of document Number of records Date of last update
Biosafety Expert 0 -
Capacity Building Needs and Priorities 0 -
1 2007-03-07
Country's Decision or any other Communication 0 -
2 2018-02-21
National Database or Website 0 -
3 2021-03-02
News 0 -
Report on Assignment 0 -
Risk Assessment 0 -
2 2015-12-01
  Total number of records 8  

A zero value is provided in the column 'Number of records' because this information does not exist for the following categories of information:

Decision on LMO under Advance Informed Agreement
Decision on LMO for FFP under Article 11
Risk Assessment
Other Decision or Declaration
Report on Biosafety Expert Assignment
Capacity Building Project
Country Needs and Priorities

Information is not yet being reported for the following category of information:

National Biosafety Website or Database: So far no National Biosafety website and Database exists, but as part of the NBF project we are trying to establish database and propose National Biosafety website.

Law, Regulation or Guideline: There are no explicit laws and regulation addressing LMOs in the country. However there are pieces of regulations with a bearing on Biotechnology. The existing Laws, Regulations and Proclamations were reviewed as part of the NBF project and we come up to a point where specific Biosafety laws are required. To this effect the NBF project is expected to draft Biosafety law.

Regional or International Agreement: With the exception of membership in Regional networks such as ASARECA, there are no Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Agreements specifically dealing with LMOs. But we believe that cooperation and engaging in such agreements are crucial in handling transboundary movement of LMOs.

Source: Correspondence to the Secretariat from Mr. Mogos Woldeyohannis, Eritrea's National Focal Point for the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB-NFP) (6 March 2007)

Type of reportLanguageAvailable document formats
Interim National ReportReport not available
First National ReportReport not available
Second National ReportEnglish
Third National ReportEnglish
[en]={{ReportType.NR-CPB-04}}Report not available