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Country Profile

Profile information and status
Country India
Date of signature 2001-01-23
Date of ratification 2003-01-17
Date of entry into force 2003-09-11
Profile revision -
Profile status Published
Profile last updated on -

Type of document Number of records Date of last update
13 2016-05-31
Capacity Building Needs and Priorities 0 -
2 2019-03-01
5 2012-03-20
19 2019-02-28
3 2019-03-01
2 2021-04-13
News 0 -
Report on Assignment 0 -
5 2012-03-20
4 2019-10-17
  Total number of records 53  

A zero value is provided in the column 'Number of records' because this information does not exist for the following categories of information:

- Regional or International Agreement
- Decision on LMO under Advance Informed Agreement
- Decision on LMO for FFP under Article 11
- Report on Biosafety Expert Assignment

Information is not yet being reported for the following categories of information:

- Other Decision or Declaration
- Risk Assessment
- Biosafety Expert

Source: Correspondence to the Secretariat from Dr. Ranjini Warrier, BCH National Focal Point for India (10 January 2006)

Link to this country's profile under the FAO GM Foods Platform: http://www.fao.org/food/food-safety-quality/gm-foods-platform/browse-information-by/country/country-page/en/?cty=IND

Type of reportLanguageAvailable document formats
Interim National ReportEnglish
First National ReportEnglish
Second National ReportEnglish
Third National ReportEnglish
[en]={{ReportType.NR-CPB-04}}Report not available