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AlbaniaAlbania - Second national BCH workshop Albania, 15-17 of February, 2021
The second national workshop on BCH, is aiming to gather all government officials of the line ministries and institutions with regard to exercise and update the status of the Albanian legislation as well as on how to proceed with regard to the exchange of information in the BCH portal. The workshop is assisted through the UNEP consultants.
Consultants provided on the job training, on how the country should respond with regard to the obligation towards BCH, how the system is working. It was also clarified the roles of the NFP, national users, as well as the role of the secretariat for the validation of the information that is being uploaded in the system. No classified information should be uploaded.
I think that the workshop is helpful, and more on the job training are recommended, for colleagues to be familiar with system.
I would also like to thank Alexei, Ruel and Ossama for being part of the workshop.