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Finding Information

Welcome to the Finding Information section of the BCH. Here a wide variety of scientific, technical, environmental, legal and capacity building information can be accessed. The information currently available is organized into different common formats (see FAQ-17 ) grouped in two categories:
  1. National Records submitted by Governments as mandated by Article 20 of the Protocol;
  2. Reference Records which are submitted by general BCH users. Included under the Reference records category are three registries regarding LMO information appearing in other BCH records.

Note: Some common formats could be part of both groups above (see National OR Reference records below) depending on the role of the user submitting the information: records submitted by NAU or BCH-NFP and validated by BCH-NFPs will be treated as National records while records submitted by other users and validated by the Secretariat will be treated as Reference Records.

National Records

National Contacts
Follow this link to search for: (i) National Focal Points and (ii) Competent National Authorities

Laws and Regulations
Follow this link to search for: (i) National Laws, Regulations and (ii) Guidelines and Bilateral, Regional and Multilateral Agreements

National Reports
Follow this link to search for national reports and analyze them online

Country's Decisions and other Communications
Follow this link to search for: (i) Decisions on LMOs under Advance Informed Agreement; (ii) Decisions on LMOs for food, for feed or for processing under Article 11; (iii) Other decisions & declarations; (iv) Risk Assessment Reports

Roster of Experts
Follow this link to access a database of experts in biosafety, searchable using various fields.

National Biosafety Websites and Databases
Follow this link to search for National Biosafety Websites and Databases

Reference Records

LMOs, Genetic elements or Organisms
Follow this link to search for: (i) the LMO-UID Registry; (ii) Gene Registry and (iii) Organism Registry

Follow this link to search for: (i) Biosafety Capacity Building Projects; (ii) Capacity-Building Opportunities; (iii) Compendium of Academically-Accredited Biosafety Courses; and (iv) Capacity-Building Needs and Priorities

Directory of International Organizations involved in Biosafety Activities
Follow this link to access information about international organisations involved in activities relevant to implementation of the Biosafety Protocol with summaries of their activities and contact information.

The BCH Virtual Library

Through its virtual library, the Biosafety Clearing-House provides access to different categories of information aimed to assist countries in capacity-building for implementation of the Protocol. The library’s collections are the Biosafety Information Resource Centre (BCH-BIRC) and the Scientific Bibliographic Database on Biosafety (Bibliosafety). The library also provide access to Research4Life a collective name for three public-private partnerships which seek to help achieve the UN’s Millennium Development Goals by providing the developing world with free or low cost online access to academic and professional peer-reviewed content.

National & Reference records

this category of record is available for submission by both Government representatives and general users and is validated respectively by BCH National Focal Points or the Secretariat.

new Submissions from Parties, other Governments and biosafety relevant organizations
Follow this link to search for submissions from Parties, other Governments or biosafety relevant organizations of any additional type of information not covered by the other registration forms.

Risk assessments
Follow this link to search for risk assessments submitted from Parties, other Governments or biosafety relevant organizations.

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