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Biosafety Expert
Record information and status
Record ID
Date of creation
2020-11-25 13:24 UTC (sec@env.gov.lk)
Date of publication
2020-11-30 15:42 UTC (anastasia.beliaeva@cbd.int)

General information
Nominating Government
  • Sri Lanka
Profile of the Expert
Attorney-at-Law with over 28 years of experience in Civil Litigation and Public Law. Consultant for Government and development partners including the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, UNDP and FAO and engaged as a National consultant in Sri Lanka as well as an International Consultant. International experience includes Myanmar, Timor Leste, Philippines, LAO PDR, Mongolia, Bangladesh, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bhutan and the USA.
Skills include law, policy and institutions. Critical review of law and policy, legal opinions, legal drafting including drafting law and legal training.
Former Member of the Law Commission of Sri Lanka in terms of the Law Commission Act under the Ministry of Justice with the objective of systematic development and reform of the law.
National Consultant (Legal) to the Biosafety Project Sri Lanka in the year 2018/19. This required law review and preparation of implementing regulations to implement the Draft Law on Biosafety for Sri Lanka.
Personal Information
Attorney-at-Law G L Anandalal Nanayakkara
No. 18/10, First Lane, Allan Avenue
Sri Lanka
Phone:+94 (0)77 327 2989
  • Male
  • Sri Lankan
Date of birth
Place of birth
Sri Lanka
Current employment
Employer / Organization
Self employed
Type of organization
  • Professional Attorney / Legal Consultant
Department / Division / Unit
Professional Attorney / Legal Consultant
Start date
Main responsibilities
National and International Consultant - Law, Policy and Institutional, Legal Review, Legal drafting, Opinions, Litigation
Employment history
Countries or regions where you have worked
  • Sri Lanka
  • South Asia
  • Timor-Leste
  • Philippines
  • United States of America
Previous employment
Employer / Organization
Environmental Foundation Limited
Start date
Ending date
Type of organization
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)
Main areas of responsibility
Head of the legal division
Formal education
First Degree or other academic distinction and subject
Example: B.Sc. in Microbiology
Attorney-at-Law Final Examination
Name of academic institution
Sri Lanka Law College
Start date
Ending date
Formal education
Second Degree or other academic distinction and the subject
Example: M.Sc. in Microbiology
Huber H. Humphrey Fellow on Intellectual Property Rights and Traditional Knowledge
Name of academic institution
University of Washington, Seattle
Start date
Ending date
Other professional qualifications
List of other relevant professional qualifications
USAEP Fellow - World Resources Institute and Biodiversity Support Program; Washington DC, USA.  (1995)
Course in Environmental Policy and Regulation, International Law Institute, Washington DC, USA. (1992)
Areas of Expertise
Main areas of expertise
  • Legal Expertise
  • Intellectual property (patents, trademarks, confidential information)
  • Legislative drafting and review
  • National biosafety legal systems
List most important publications related to the expert main field of expertise.
Chapter titled Environmental Law, Institutions and Mechanisms: An Overview. Published in Judges & Environmental Law - A Handbook for the Sri Lankan Judiciary (2009)
Public Nuisance Law and Procedure (1998)
Chapter on Sri Lanka in Community Conserved Areas in South Asia
Awards and Professional Memberships
Professional memberships
Sri Lanka Bar Association
Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka
Director - Environmental Foundation Limited
Technical committees, expert panels or advisory bodies served
Man and Biosphere Committee (Member)
Law Commission of Sri Lanka - Review laws and advise Government on Law Reform requirements (Former Member)
Environmental Council of the Central Environmental Authority (Former Member)
Language proficiency
"A" = Excellent, "B" = Good, "C" = Fair
Mother Tongue
  • Singhalese
Speaking / Level (A B C)
  • English
Reading / Level (A B C)
  • English
Writing / Level (A B C)
  • English
Prof. N.T. Sohan Wijesekera
Senior Professor
UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Center for South Asia Water Management Dept of Civil Engineering
University of Moratuwa
Sri Lanka
Phone:+94 (0)11 264 0051
Dr. Ananda Mallawatantri
Country Representative
IUCN Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Phone:+94 (0)11 269 4094
Fax:+94 (0)11 268 2470